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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Very strange update procedure

As it was honestly stated here, 4MLinux does many things in its very special way. For example, you can force update of some applications by.... removing their executables from your system. Let's take SMPlayer as an example.

1) I am removing SMPlayer executable in Terminal:

2) Now I am selecting SMPlayer from the Multimedia Menu:

3) Fully automatic update process will be started:

The newest SMPlayer is now up and running!

The following applications can be updated in the way described above: 
/usr/bin/clamscan (Clam Antivirus)
/usr/bin/qupzilla (4MLinux QtPack)
/usr/bin/smplayer (4MLinux QtPack)
/usr/bin/smtube (4MLinux QtPack)
/usr/bin/wpagui (4MLinux QtPack)
/usr/bin/ooffice (Libre Office)
/usr/bin/pw (Partition Wizard)
/usr/sbin/cupsd (4MLinux Printing Suite)