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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Custom 4MLinux Desktop

You can change the appearance of your 4MLinux desktop just in a few clicks!

1) System monitoring software (Conky) is enabled by default. You can disable it by clicking the ConkyON/OFF icon:

And after your click:

2) Program launcher (Wbar) is enabled by default too. You can disable it by clicking the Wbar On/Off icon:

And after your click:

3) Let's change your wallpaper in 2 clicks :-)  The first one:

And the second one:


Note: 4MLinux remembers your settings, meaning that you don't need to repeat this procedure each time when you start X.

Need more options? Continue your reading here.


  1. Is it PAE, correctly giving feedback on my 16gb of memory? Will it display ok on a 1020 screen, with fonts that are large enough? Still trying to find out, since it is unique; not Fedora, not Debian, not a 'buntu.

    1. Short answer is "Yes", but just try it yourself :-)