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Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to create the 4MLinux LiveCD/LiveUSB ?

Fortunately, there are many good resources in the Internet. You will find my recommendations below.

1) Download the following items:
  - InfraRecoder (if you wish to create live CD),  
  - UNetbootin (if you wish to create live USB), 
  - 4MLinux itself :-)

2) Watch this video to learn how to burn ISO with InfraRecoder, or follow this tutorial if you are going to use a live USB.

3) Boot your 4MLinux Live CD (or Live USB).

That's it!


  1. After start i cant use my usb mouse. no click works. model- a4tech x6-70md. But my old ps/2 mouse works perfectly. Only one problem of that mouse is its left click is broken.

    1. 1) If you plan to install 4MLinux to your HDD, you will be able to use additional drivers:
      2) Support for a4tech (out of the box) will be included in 4MLinux 8.0 (its beta version is going to be released on 2013-12-29).

  2. I tried using the Mac Linus USB loader but it queried for which Linux base it was. Thought it might be Ubuntu but, the GRUB or something didn't catch.